Our Technical Office has extensive experience in issuing energy certificates and this enables it to propose the best solutions for the energy upgrade of your buildings (external insulation, solar water heater installation, etc.)On 30/3/2010, by decision of the ministers of Finance, Environment, Energy - Climate Change, adopted the Regulation on the Energy Performance of Buildings was approved.
The Regulation provides that any new building or an existing building renovated radically has to fulfil the minimum energy performance requirements. At the same time, the minimum requirements relating to the building design (location, orientation, insolation requirements, incorporation of passive solar systems etc.) in the building envelope or E / M installations are set out.

The energy audit aims at:

• the assessment of the building primary energy consumption per end use (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, hot water)
• The building energy classification
• issuing an Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC)
• the drafting of recommendations to the owner / user for the improvement of the energy efficiency of the building.

Our office has the necessary experience and equipment for the energy audit of buildings and their energy upgrade. Our basic tool is the Thermal FLIR E6 Camera.

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