What is considered an arbitrary construction and what structures are settled?

Each construction carried out:

a) without the authorization of Article 329 par. 1
b) in license exceeded
c) based on a revoked license
d) in violation of the relevant provisions
 is arbitrary and subject to the relevant provisions of the arbitrary.

Excesses settled

Each building, whether it is inside or outside the urban planning zone and whether it is a block of flats, house, business space, storage space, pergola, etc., should be constructed with the appropriate planning permission and under the terms of layout and use restrictions of each region. It is also considered as arbitrary, the non-payment of the social security contributions of each construction or even if there is a license and has been exceeded this either on the surface, or in use.

The excesses settled are described below:

A) license exceeded (on volume).

(i) Places where the license has been issued or revised until the 28.7.2011 and is not registered in the greek law N. 3843 / 2010 or N. 4014/11.
(ii) Areas that have changed use in relation with the building permit.
(iii) The areas resulting from construction overruns and change of use within its outline.

Within the approved volume of the lawfully existing building and where their use is not prohibited by the urban planning laws on land use in force in the area of ​​the property are as follows:

• semi-outdoor spaces
• mezzanines / attics
• cruise control
• underground spaces
• spaces electromechanical
• premises - halls social events
• compartmentalization

B) license exceeded (off volume).

i) Excess of building  - more than the projected sq.m. of the building factor.
(ii) Excess of cover - more than the projected sq.m. of the coverage factor.
(iii) Excess of height - Building over the approved height of the building.
(iv) Exceeded flower bed limit or building line or lateral limit.

The spaces that have resulted from building overruns outside the contour (volume) of the building are:

• closed terraces / balconies
• flat roofs
• lofts with an excess of height
• expansion basement / ground floor
• addition of a floor
• external constructions (eg warehouses)
• addition of a roof
• clearing the clutter
• pools
• fences / pergolas

C) Without a license / license retraction

If there are license conditions, with the filing and a fee three years for issuing a building permit is given.  

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