A. Information on the subject area

The following are received by the competent urban planning department, if not available, and if the construction is done with a building permit:

• Strain of Construction License
• Plot Topographic diagram
• Cover Chart
• Floor Plan
• Sections in scale 1: 100
• Photos from all sides
• Extract town plan or topographical diagram in a coordinate system of HGRS '87
Documents confirming the time of completion of the construction / installation of the use, one of the following:
• Aerial photographs, accompanied by a corresponding photo-interpretation report
• Public documents such as electricity bills, E9, lawsuits, police documents, autopsies of arbitraries, licenses of shops, hotels, industrial buildings
• Solemn declaration of the owner accompanied by an engineer technical report which supports the content of the statement

B. Documents needed:

• Owner application
• Owner’s solemn declaration (in duplicate)
• Authorization - As an owner, if you do not wish to take care of the process yourselves, you can nominate a duly accredited representative, completing the authorization, the authorization requires a certificate of authenticity of the signature (from a CSC or a PS), while for the possibility of situated outside the territory of the local consulate of Greece
• E9 (most recent)

C. Remaining documentation

• Engineer technical report (filled out by the engineer) arbitrary construction record sheet, structural vulnerability checklist, electromechanical control of properties that are not residencies.
• A fee with a unique code from the MRPEE for each individual property:
sq.m. (square meters of the area to settle) Fee in Euro
<50 square meters. 500 €
<= 100 sm (main and unique residence) 500 €
sq.m. <= 200 (main and unique residence 100) 1000 €
100 1000 2000
> 5000 10000 €

The fee is counterbalanced against the special fine provided by the law (i.e. deducted from the fine that will result). Document of engineer remuneration - which necessarily goes into the settlement file for it to be complete. This fee arises after an agreement between the customer and the engineer.

• Can I construct an arbitrary building and then settle it?

According to the current provisions, the ability to settle according with the Greek Law

N.4178 / 2013 is only for buildings of which the load bearing structure is complete and of uses installed until the 28.7.2011 and erected in excess of either the building permit or the conditions or building restrictions of property or without a building permit.

3. How many classes of arbitrary constructions and uses are there?

There are 5 categories.

Category 1: Arbitrary constructions in buildings with residential use existing prior to the 9/6/1975.
Category 2: Arbitrary structures that exist prior to the 1/1/1983.
Category 3: Minor arbitrary infringements
Category 4: Arbitrary structures or arbitrary use changes, if not violated by more than 40% of the urban coverage and building sizes and in more than 20% in urban size of height. Also, the arbitrary structures or changes of use for which the preservation process has been terminated in accordance with the provisions of the Greek Laws N. 3775/2009, 3843/2010 and 4014/2011.
Category 5: All other arbitrary constructions and use changes not falling into the above categories.
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