Our Technical Office is engaged in energy-saving and photovoltaic system installation since 2010. Regarding the program "Saving at home" program, it has studied and built more than 150 homes across Greece (Galatsi, Kypseli, Nea Ionia, Ilioupoli , Argyroupoli, Patras, Aegio, Agrinio, Arta, Amfilochia, Messolonghi, Nafpaktos, Eratini). The gangs with which it co-operates possess all certificates and the necessary experience required for the proper implementation of the program.

Most buildings in Greece consume large amounts of energy. However, using advanced techniques, a significant improvement in energy efficiency of buildings is achieved, having, as a result, additional environmental and social benefits.

The "Saving at home", provides incentives for people to improve the energy efficiency of their homes by giving subsidies up to 70%. What is needed is an application!

Eligible interventions which subsidizes the program concern:

• Installing insulation in the building envelope including the flat roof / roof and the pilotis.
• Replacement of frames and installation of shading.
• Design, upgrading and replacement of heating-cooling systems

(The program subsidizes the equipment of boiler systems and distribution network, energy fireplaces, pellet stoves as well as pellet boilers - biomass - wood or oil and heat pump).

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