Texniko Grafeiot

Our technical office, located in Nafpaktos, operates mainly in the region of Western and Central Greeceand undertakes the design and supervision – construction of public and private projects. Guided by scientific training and our year - long experience, our office offers comprehensive services for the proper handling and implementation of the technical work that a private project requires. 

The goal of our office is the detailed planning in order to avoid divergences in the construction phase as well as the finding of qualitative and workable solutions to the project needs and customer requirements.

 Specifically, we undertake the:

  • Study - supervision of building-technical projects
  • Preparation of architectural-structural design
  • Issuance of Building licenses
  • Fulfilling of urban affairs
  • Study and installation of photovoltaic systems
  • Energy upgrading of buildings and electromechanical installations
  • Issuance of Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC)
  • Fulfilling of NSRF programs - Development programs.


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