The Engineer Certification is now mandatory from 21/09/2011 for each legal act inter vivos according to par. 4 of Article 23 of the Greek Law 4014/2011.

With the publication of the Greek Law N.4014 / 2011 provides that every legal act inter vivos that is prepared and has as its object the transfer or creating a right in an estate, a solemn declaration of the owner and engineer certificate are attached, with which it is stated and attested respectively, that the property has not undergone arbitrary constructions that affect the height of the property, construction, coverage and height of the building and there are no installed uses without permission or that executed arbitrary structures or established unauthorized uses fall within one of the exceptions in paragraph 2 of the Greek Law N.4014 / 2011 and that no other arbitrary construction has been executed or no other arbitrary use has been installed in accordance with the approved urban plans and do not fall in any of the situations described in paragraph 3 of the Greek Law N.4014 / 2011.

The data that the engineer must have in order to issue the certificate are:

1. Strain building permit
2. Topographic Diagram
3. Approved projects
4. Property Titles
5. Legalization data if arbitrary

The Engineering Certificate is compulsory for the transfer of land and fields. The engineer certificate in this case would indicate that there is no building plot. If no engineering certificate for transfer of real estate is attached, a sentence of imprisonment of at least six months and a fine from 30.000 € to 100.000 €, is applied to anyone involved. The engineer certificate is valid for 2 months.
The engineering fee for the certificate according to the Greek Law N. 4014/2011, is determined by the services provided by the engineer in order to issue the certificate.

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